Forget about giving thanks, relaxing while watching football and catching up with loved ones. According to Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Thanksgiving is the time to set the record straight on gun control, because who doesn’t want to chat about firearm legislation while enjoying some turkey and cranberry sauce?

The group, backed by notorious former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, released a conversation guide gun control proponents can whip out at the table to educate the misguided gun lovers of the family. A product of the campaign “Demand Action to End Gun Violence,” part of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the talking points encourage its supporters to ‘talk turkey’ about guns.

“Everyone has friends and relatives with strong opinions and shaky facts,” the guide states. “You can help set the table straight — all you need is this simple guide to Talking Turkey about guns!”

The conversation guide provides several myths about firearms and gun control legislation.

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