Last week I received an e-mail from my good [email protected] regarding Michael Bloomberg’s latest attempt at confiscating all our guns.

The e-mail blast said that Bloomberg will be spending $50 million on gun reform. Now since I don’t know what “gun reform” is I read on, asking myself whether I believe my guns needed reforming?

It turns out that the e-mail blast was not focused on Bloomberg’s efforts, but one of the many wack job organizations that he will be funding with his $50 million.

The organization, and particularly its founder, that was focused on is “Moms Demand Action for Guns Sense in America” and its founder Shannon Watts.

MoveOn describes Ms. Watts as a supermom, who evidently has time for her five children and also to fight the evils of “gun violence”. They describe her as a force of nature communicator and the NRA’s worst nightmare. Ooh – scary!

The e-mail was actually to promote a podcast of an interview by dimwit, Ben Wikler of Ms. Watts, their latest anti-gun hero.

Since it asked so nicely, I clicked on the link to listen to the interview.

Ms. Watts claimed she never considered being an anti-gun advocate until the Movie Theater shooting in Aurora Colorado. She claims her son was going to see the Batman movie and was afraid that everyone in the theater would be armed thus starting a chain of panic attacks. She claims she feared for her son – that a barrier of “safety” had been broken. She said that she had to take him to several therapy sessions to get him back to a place where he was not so fearful.

Let’s stop right here. Why in the world would a young boy, and I’m assuming he is a relatively young boy, believe that everyone in a movie theater would be armed and even more telling, that because they are armed, they are by default, dangerous.

This woman may never have been an official anti-gun activist but it sounds to me as if she has been effectively brainwashed by the anti-gun community by believing that all guns are scary and has passed on that ridiculous message to her children thus leaving them vulnerable to anti-gun propaganda. In my opinion that is simply bad parenting. Scaring your children about guns to the point where they can’t function is simply irresponsible, at best.

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