Nanny Bloomberg, who walks around with bodyguards, wants President Obama to ignore Congress and limit legal gun ownership by dictatorial fiat. It must be nice for someone who has the luxury of bodyguards to tell the rest of us we are not allowed to have the means to defend ourselves.

“It’s time for the president, I think, to stand up and lead and tell this country what we should do, not go to Congress and say what you guys want to do,” Bloomberg said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “This should be his No. 1 agenda.”

If NYC is Bloomberg’s barometer, guns will be very hard to get. That hasn’t stopped gun crime in NYC. The numbers are manipulated but NYC is still nearing 400 murders for the year. That’s more than one a day. Back in July, 16 people were murdered in NYC in five days and most were not gun deaths. Sixty-nine percent of the murders are committed by guns.

Chicago, with about one-quarter the population of NYC is worse. By October, 400 people were murdered in Chicago. Chicago has very strict gun laws.

We do need to have a serious debate about gun violence in this country, a reasonable debate, not a fiat, not one formed by preconceived notions. We don’t need more “shoot-from-the hip” laws that don’t address this complex problem. More importantly, we need to discuss violence in general.

When we had our recent gas shortage in New York, we saw violence every day at most local stations. In only a few days, people were becoming unglued. It was unnerving.

How can we have a serious conversation about gun laws in this country without dealing with the causes of the violence? We want to limit one of the tools of the violent but we don’t want to look at the societal problems nourished by acceptance of immoral behavior, abuse of drugs and alcohol, open borders, gangs, and violence that is glorified in movies, video games and music. Hollywood now sets our values and they come up lacking.

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