Bloomberg writer Francis Wilkinson recently wrote a piece claiming that Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina–an African American–only became a senator because Republicans “lowered the bar” for his appointment. He also claimed that Scott’s candidacy serves as a “shield” for racist Tea Party members to hide behind.

In an article that is more invective than analysis, Wilkinson essentially called Senator Scott a do-nothing senator. He said Scott acted like a “shield” for racist, Confederate flag-waving Tea Party members who need someone to replace Herman Cain as the favorite candidate behind whom they can hide their racism.

Wilkinson made these assessments because Scott didn’t get a Tea Party challenger even as so many other incumbents across the country did.

But the writer answered his own question in his own piece as to why Scott may not have faced a Tea Party challenger. “Scott placed himself so far to the right that there was no space for a Tea Party challenge on ideological grounds,” Wilkinson wrote.

The columnist further reported that Scott “has an ‘F’ on the NAACP legislative scorecard” and a high score on the “right-wing Heritage Action scorecard–94 out of a possible 100.”

It would make sense that Scott didn’t get a Tea Party challenge compared to those others whom Wilkinson said were getting challenges. He cited House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell, both establishment party bosses who, because of their legislative actions, have drawn the ire of Tea Party members.

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