Speaker of the House John Boehner is experiencing a backlash after he posted the image below on his Facebook page. The image is intended to be a sharp retort to Obama’s declaration that he will rule by imperial fiat. The posted image, however, is little more than empty rhetoric considering the behavior of establishment Republicans confronting Obama’s constitutional violations.


Boehner and establishment Republicans, however, cannot easily portray themselves as defenders of the Constitution. A large number of commenters on the popular social media network told them as much.

Thousands of comments took Boehner and Republicans to task for not moving to impeach Obama. Others defended Obama and accused Boehner and the Republicans of obstructionism.

“Quit acting like you are going to do anything remotely close to following your Oath of Office!” said one commenter. The remark is a reference to Article VI, clause 3 that requires Senators and Representatives take an oath of office to support the Constitution.

“Dear Mr. Speaker, If you believed in the Constitution or even read it, you would start impeachment proceedings against the president. But you won’t, you are much too weak a leader to do the right thing,” another commenter complained about Republican lack of resolve.

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