Every school child learns (or is supposed to learn) about America’s constitutional separation of powers: The legislative branch writes the laws; the executive branch executes (or enforces) those laws; the judicial branch interprets the laws.

All of a sudden, it looks like we have a president — a constitutional law professor, at that! — who just doesn’t grasp the concept. The implementation of ObamaCare is a case in point.

The ACA does not allow for subsidies to be offered for insurance that is not purchased through a state exchange. Yet the president has simply decreed that such subsidies will be offered.

The ACA specifically says that companies with more than 50 employees must provide insurance for their employees or pay a fine, by January 2014. The president has decreed that this provision will not be enforced.

The ACA makes no provision for Congress or staff to get taxpayer subsidies for ObamaCare. The Office of Personnel Management had stated that no subsidies were available under the law, but then reversed itself under pressure from the White House and made subsidies available.

In an effort to deter Democrats from signing on to Republican legislation (modeled after the President’s own repeated pledge that Americans could keep the health insurance they liked) the president has decreed that insurance companies can sell insurance that is otherwise illegal under the ACA.

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