Having a baby in the new year? Good luck trying to enter that into HealthCare.gov.

In the latest glitch to emerge regarding the Affordable Care Act system, health officials are telling new enrollees that the federal insurance marketplace will not be able to update their coverage online to reflect the birth of a baby and other life changes.

Instead, parents are being told to contact insurers directly, and then contact the government later on — when the system is ready to handle it.

Parents will still be able to get new babies covered, but the missing feature on the website represents another step, and just one of several glitches that continue to surface. In certain states, problems have also prevented thousands of would-be Medicaid enrollees from getting coverage.

The function that prevents people from entering in a newborn pertains to the computerized “change in circumstance” feature. It was supposed to have been part of the federal system from the start.

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