Former President George H.W. Bush has again proven why he has the most loyal following of former aides and supporters of any president.

His office on Wednesday said that the 89-year-old shaved his head in solidarity with a U.S. Secret Service agent’s two-year-old son who is being treated for leukemia and is losing his hair. The boy’s father is on Bush’s security detail and they also shaved their heads to support the boy.

The former first family has their own relationship with the deadly disease. Their daughter Robin died of leukemia at just four years old.

From Bush’s office in Kennebunkport, Maine, where the first family is staying this summer:

KENNEBUNKPORT, MAINE — President George H. W. Bush this week joined members of his Secret Service detail in shaving his head to show his support for the two year-old son of a detail member who is being treated for leukemia and has started losing his hair.

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