The Silent Partner Marketing firm, a company based in Connecticut, has employed a rather unique “snowflake” test to weed out potential job applicants who get triggered rather easily, BizPac Review reported Wednesday.

According to the report, the company has developed a survey to vet potential employees by asking key questions about themselves.

“I needed a filter to sort through all of that,” said CEO Kyle Reyes during an appearance on “Fox and Friends.”

According to BizPac Review:

Some questions sure to trigger liberals include “What does America mean to you?”

“Someone who’s not proud to be an American” would be disqualified from a job at the company, Reyes noted, adding that applicants should also be pro-Second Amendment as many in the company carry firearms and represent clients who do as well.

Questions on the test also ask job-seekers what “privilege” means to them and “when was the last time you cried and why?”

Reyes elaborated on his search for employees who do not have a sense of entitlement, as many snowflakes do, and are not expecting things to be handed to them. Emotional people are not a problem, Reyes said, as long as he does not have to provide them with a safe space at the office.

“I want people who have a sense of community, who have a sense of heart, who aren’t afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves,” Reyes said, “but who able to make an argument and stand by it.”

For example, the company asks applicants what they think of the police.

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