The White House knows it must respond to a petition calling for pop star Justin Bieber’s deportation to Canada, but isn’t saying when it will reply to the demand that has become the second-most popular petition in the three-year history of the president’s online program.

“Every petition that crosses the threshold will be reviewed and receive a response,” assistant White House press secretary Matt Lehrich told The Washington Times. “Response times vary based on a number of factors including issue area and total volume of petitions.”

Roger Skrzynski II, who posted the Bieber petition, said he did so in part to expose issues with the White House petition website, and never dreamed how fast the demand would grow. The deadline to join the more than 260,000 people who have already signed the petition is on Saturday, 30 days after Skrzynski posted it.

But Bieber haters shouldn’t expect to see the pop star on the next plane north anytime soon. The White House typically takes some time before it replies to one of the online petitions, and aides say the Obama administration steers clear of questions dealing with legal issues.