This Tuesday is not an election … it’s a referendum. It’s not even a referendum on Mitt Romney or Barack Obama; it’s a referendum on freedom in America. This Tuesday, Americans get to choose between the French Revolution and the American Revolution.”– Dennis Prager, November 3rd 2012

“Americans have gone a long way down the wrong road.” – Billy Graham, November 7th, 2012

I’m not going to complain about the outcome because conservatives don’t blame the refs, but I can’t help but note that it smelled a lot like Venezuela last night. I went to bed last night in Venezuela and I woke up to mourning in America. We live in a different America today. We now live in the USSA and we have to adjust and prepare.

A majority of Americans chose the path of 18th century Frenchmen and 1930 Germans last night. A majority chose to vote for “revenge,” for redistribution of wealth, for abortion on demand, for abandoning Israel and for “leaning forward” in front of Dan Savage and Vladimir Putin. A majority of Americans chose to steal from their neighbors, their neighbor’s children and their own children (if they haven’t aborted them) to pay for their condoms, Skippy Peanut Butter, lottery tickets and Band-Aids. A majority turned a deaf ear to the cries from Benghazi. A majority closed the drapes on Israel and those Russian nuclear subs off our coast. A spatter of blue paint on a mostly red country shows where the cancer has spread and the metropolitan areas have opted-out of arduous freedom for the ease of complacent servitude.

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