If you recall from the second presidential debate where Mitt Romney and Barack Obama got into a shouting match over whether or not Obama classified the Benghazi attack as a terrorist attack, then you remember how “acts of terrorism” made it’s way to the forefront on the following morning, though the Obama administration continued to push forth the line that the attack was brought on by a You-Tube video. Well now it has come out that CBS was deliberately covering for Obama on calling the attack in Benghazi a terrorist attack.

The day after the attacks, Obama had an interview with 60 minutes with Steve Kroft before he flew off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser. Of course, like most interviews, it was edited.

Fox News’ Bret Baier writes,

Soon after that debate exchange, CBS released a previously unseen clip of an interview “60 Minutes’” Steve Kroft did with Obama on Sept. 12 — the day after the Benghazi attack.

The clip added to the previous sound that had been released and seemed to back up the president’s claim that he was referring to the Benghazi attack as a terrorist act in the Rose Garden on Sept. 12. Here’s what CBS put out Oct. 19, five weeks after the attack.

KROFT: But there are reports that they were very heavily armed with grenades, that doesn’t sound like your normal demonstration.

OBAMA: As I said, we’re still investigating exactly what happened, I don’t want to jump the gun on this. But your right that this is not a situation that was exactly the same as what happened in Egypt. And my suspicion is there are folks involved in this. Who were looking to target Americans from the start. So we’re gonna make sure that our first priority is to get our folks out safe, make sure our embassies are secured around the world and then we are going to go after those folks who carried this out.”

Baier points out that because Kroft started his question with “but” that he thought there was probably a question and answer that was edited out of the interview that was broadcast.

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