Is the Main Stream Media finally catching on?   CBS News Political Director John Dickerson offers the following on the topic of “Obamacare Damage Control”:

(Quote begins at minute mark 1:05) “The problem here is that the administration could get into, sort of, a credibility depth spiral.  There has always been charges from the right that the president’s health care promises didn’t turn out to be true.   But then, some of those charges turned out to have some merit.   The president said if you had your own health care plan, and you were satisfied with it, that you’d be able to keep it. Well, that didn’t quite turn out to be true.  We were told before this was launched that it had been tested up-and-down, sideways and backwards; the way that the IRS electronic filings had been tested, that everything was going to be okay.  Well, now, Secretary Sebelius says it wasn’t tested enough.  Then, we were told well, these are tiny, little glitches. They are not tiny little glitches, and so the problem is that it’s one false promise after another…”