Chicago has some of the strictest gun-control laws in the nation.  They have their own ban on assault or assault-style weapons or high capacity magazines.  Guns have to be registered and they are now banned from any establishment that serves alcohol.  The city bans the sale of any firearm within city limits.  If a gun is stolen, the owner is required to report the theft immediately or face a fine.

On top of this, the state of Illinois requires a Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card before they can obtain a permit and license to purchase and own a firearm anywhere in the state.  Anyone convicted of a felony, domestic violence, assault and battery, subject to a protection order or been a mental patient within the past five years are eligible for a FOID card.  If they have one, the police are instructed to revoke the FOID card immediately.  Any buying a gun within the state must first have a FOID card.  If a gun is given as a gift, say father gives one of his guns to a son, the son must first obtain a FOID card.  In order to obtain a FOID card, a background check is made.

Despite all of the gun restrictions, FOID cards and the tough gun laws in the Windy City, Chicago has recently become the murder capital of the country.  The situation has become so severe that Gov. Pat Quinn said last week that he is seriously considering using the state’s National Guard troops to help stop the rampant violence.  Quinn is already using state police to help police in East St. Louis, another city experiencing a high rate of gun violence.

When asked about using state police or National Guard in Chicago, Quinn responded:

“It has to be done in a coordinated fashion with the local law enforcement, with their full cooperation.”

“I think anyone who saw what happened in Cornell Park the other night was horrified by the violence. I live on the West Side of Chicago. It is an area that has been inflicted with violence, and we’ve got to protect the people.”