It’s like a bad TV movie of the week – insurance companies fear Obama administration retribution if they speak out against “the Unaffordable Care Act”.

Yes, Drew Griffin of CNN (yes, CNN) revealed that insurance executives are being told to keep quiet. To not contradict the president’s statement of blah blah – keep your plan, blah blah – keep your doctor, etc.

Griffin said executives were told that if they speak out they will get a call from the White House. Is this surreal or what?

Well, not to those of us who know and have known who this president is and the enforcers he has working for him. My guess is that this directive did not come from Obama but from our shadow president, Valerie Jarrett.

So if an executive does dare to speak the truth, I wonder what the phone call would entail?

“Gee Jerry (or whomever), we hear you’ve been talking trash and spreadin’ lies about us. That’s too bad. The boss ain’t very happy with you. But no harm done. Maybe you can walk back some of your statements. That would be good. By the way, your office is that big building downtown, right next to that coffee shop you stop at every morning at 8:05? We’d also like to confirm your home address. And don’t you drive that black Mercedes, license plate…? Oh, and where do your kids attend school? Like I said, we’d appreciate if you recant your statements. That would be helpful.” Click.

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