You’ve got to admire the “ethics” of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. All that looking out for the humble 99 percent while going after the evil 1 percent must be exhausting.

Thank goodness, then, for the 1.5 percenters who are actually in charge of the Occupy movement and put in the work to bring about the sort of change that’s so needed in this country.

A couple of Occupiers were doing just that recently when “the man” nabbed them and charged them with making bombs and hoarding weapons.

Morgan Gliedman and Aaron Greene were busted at their Greenwich Village apartment with an explosive compound called HMTD, a flare launcher, shotgun, high-capacity magazines, notebooks containing formulas for explosives, instructions for converting semiautomatic guns to full auto, along with papers in a cover titled “The Terrorist Encyclopedia.”

Gliedman is the daughter of one of New York’s most prominent doctors and grew up on Park Avenue. Her mother is a successful Realtor. She graduated from the private Dalton School in 2002.

Her boyfriend Greene, the sperm donor for her ninth-month bun in the oven, is a graduate of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and some sort of big shot in Occupy, according to the New York Post. He has a list of priors including assault and weapon possession.