For the past year I’ve been saying that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a Democrat in Republican clothes. Earlier this year, I raised the question if Christie could run for re-election this November on both the Republican and Democratic tickets because of his very liberal policies.

To list just a few of his liberal ways that makes him look more like a Democrat than a Republican, I’ll start with his anti-Second Amendment stance on wanting to ban any form of assault or assault-style weapon and universal background checks. He claims to be pro-life, but hasn’t done anything to prove it. When he did cut $7.5 million from Planned Parenthood, it was only due to a budget deficit and not for him standing up to stop abortions.

Christie does not believe in the term ‘illegal immigration’ and says it is not a crime for anyone to be in the US without proper documentation. In fact, he went further by saying that entering the country illegally is not illegal.

On the issue of homosexuality and same-sex marriages, Christie is right there with his bosom buddy Barack Obama. He even joined in a lawsuit against Christian colleges who hold to a biblical view that homosexuality is a sin.

When asked by other Republican governors to join in a lawsuit against Obamacare, he refused and cited that his state already had something similar called Family Care. Note that he would not join in a lawsuit against Obama and Obamacare but would join in one against Christians adhering to their faith.

And when it comes to faith, let’s just say that Christie’s track record is closer to Barak Hussein Obama’s than it is to Rick Perry, governor of Texas. Christie has often met with Muslim leaders including some that the federal government identifies as being Muslim extremists. He supports the building of the mosque at Ground Zero. Again note that openly embraces Muslim while suing Christians.

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