Even firebrand liberal Chris Matthews is convinced that the GOP will control both chambers of Congress in 2015. The MSNBC host proclaimed on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday that the Democrats are likely to lose at least five seats in the Senate this November, calling it a “rosy scenario” if that’s all the party loses. He predicts, however, that as many as ten Democratic seats could flip at the end of the day.

“To the Democrats, this election, a rosy scenario is to lose five Senate seats, not six,” he said. “They could lose 10. And so what they’ve said is, ‘If we’re going to lose 10 seats potentially,’ and they could well do that, a big sweep, they’re going to the battle stations.”

Matthews attributes this probable shift to the fact that both parties – not just the Democrats – have spent the last few months pandering to their bases and not moderates, thus putting Democrats at a disadvantage in a year in which the GOP already has the advantage.

“Nothing on Social Security. All-out talk about minimum wage. Nothing on trade. … Nothing’s going to get done, because both parties have gone to their base,” Matthews added.

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