On Wednesday, May 01, 2013, a national event was held in the Cannon House Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  It probably did not get your attention as these events intended for nationwide consumption as designed initially to do, but because of its subject there seems to be an enormous effort to act effortless and downplay the whole program.

Why?  Well, it’s all about religion and this world of Obama religion is an enigma or a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation; it could even represent a topic sponsored by a Muslim who is supposed to be a Christian.  The topic is really the National Day of Prayer which has been a puzzle for millions of Americans for a few years now under this president.

In this country we have a climate of multiple and diverse religions of which the overwhelming majority happen to be Christians.  Not so you would notice however, as complaining and ever-chanting splinter groups, some of which wouldn’t even fill the pews in some of majority sect’s churches, are not only the greatest demanders of so-called fairness and balanced treatment and attention but even receive the overwhelming attention and catering from our deity-blind national leader to Christianity’s over SEVENTY PERCENT of the country’s citizens, including MOST of his unseeing followers.

Every president prior to the current usurper to that office, has celebrated National Day of Prayer in a proper and respectful manner with leading praises being issued to the Christian faith that has been recorded in years past as being as high as the mid-eighties in participation.  And truthfully, it was probably razor-thin close to 100 percent when America was founded.

But today’s non-Christians have no appreciation for the kindness and generosity of those original founders’ religiosity in allowing any and all other sects to come to America and become part of the great nation it now is.  Although, now, those who benefitted from the early Christian’s love and permissiveness are in a state of intolerance and bigoted action opposed to the Christian religion and are accomplices to the traitors of the left who would desert our morals and high character traits and allow the scum and wickedness of the corrupt United Nations to take command of our country.  The bible tells us that Satan takes many different forms to deceive us, perhaps even that of a president.

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