I have a twitter feed I sometimes look at that has all the “kooky” conspiratorial sites. Over the weekend I thought I must have accidentally hit the link for it because, without planning to, I was looking at the tweet: “CIA Studying How To Control The Earth’s Climate.”

It wasn’t some conspiracy theory. It was simply Newser reproducing reports from Mother Jones and NBC.

“Get those tin foil hats out: The CIA is backing half of a $630,000 study into whether scientists can fight climate change via geoengineering. The 21-month project by the National Academy of Sciences will be a ‘technical evaluation of a limited number of proposed geoengineering techniques,’ says the NAS, exploring techniques such as solar radiation management—which is the idea of putting particles into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight away from Earth—and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere…”

Supposedly, the CIA must do all this because it is a national security concern as to whether some dastardly country that is not the US is out there as a “lone actor” putting aluminum chaff into the atmosphere “unilaterally.”

I’ve heard arguments that our own government is already adding material to the atmosphere secretly, but I haven’t found real proof yet. However, the fact that the CIA considers it rational that other countries might do this seems completely implausible. The US is the nation full of bureaucratically-embedded arrogant utopians who might try something like this. The CIA is projecting its own nation’s insanity on foreigners. And if this is what the CIA is doing publicly, what else might they be doing secretly?

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