A new CNN poll shows that a plurality of the American people still blame President George Bush for the bad economy more than 5 years after the “official” end of the Great Recession.

Although nearly two-thirds of Americans still give the nation’s economy a thumbs down, the percentage who rate the current economic conditions as good now stands at its highest level in six years, according to a new national poll.

And when it comes to the economic blame game, a CNN/ORC International survey released Thursday also indicates that the percentage of people who still blame former President George W. Bush and the Republicans more than President Barack Obama and the Democrats for the country’s economic problems is dropping.

Thirty-six percent of those questioned rate the current economic conditions as good. That’s up four percentage points from December and it is the highest level since January 2008, a year before Obama entered the White House. Sixty-four percent continue to say the economy is in poor shape.

“Economic confidence seems particularly high in the Midwest, which might give an early boost to the Democratic Party’s chances of holding on to two key Senate seats in Iowa and Michigan,” said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

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