A week ago, Gen. Colin Powell made national news when he endorsed Barack Obama for President.  The main-stream media played it up because Powell is a registered Republican.

I started looking to see who else in the military or retired military endorses Obama and who endorses Romney.  What I found was that retired generals and flag officers overwhelming endorse Mitt Romney over Barack Obama.

The Army Times reported last month that Romney unveiled a list of endorsements that included nearly 300 retired generals and flag officers.  Among those endorsements are Gen. Tommy Franks (Army) who commanded the initial invasion into Afghanistan and Iraq; Adm. Timothy Keating (Navy) former chief of the U.S. Pacific Command; and Gen. Ronald Fogleman (Air Force) former Air Force Chief of Staff.  These three retired military leaders were listed as being part of Romney’s Military Advisory Council.

Former Marine Commandant, Gen. James Conway stated:

“As I listen to Mitt Romney, I am convinced that he ‘gets it.’”