By:  Dave Jolly

The meaning of words often change over time. Years ago, to be gay meant one was happy, glad and joyful. Today, it refers to a sexual perversion lifestyle. A rainbow was a beautiful reminder of God’s promise to never destroy the earth again with water. Today, virtually anything rainbow has been hijacked to refer to homosexuality.

Another word that has taken on a whole new meaning is ‘equality’.

Homosexuals fought, protested, screamed and struggled for equality, yet their definition of equality is different from the one that most of us think of. What the LGBT community was striving for was preferential and special treatment, not equality, and they’ve been achieving it. Their new definition of equality actually means entitlement.

Say anything against homosexuality and you are called a hater, bigot and a homophobe. Yet, say anything against being straight, Christian values and traditional marriage and you are just expressing your freedom of speech. It’s even seen in social media today as it’s perfectly okay to criticize and even blaspheme God, Jesus, the Bible and Christianity, but dare post anything negative about homosexuals and you can find yourself banned from that social media page.

The same thing is true with black activists in America today. They also protest, riot, demonstrate, scream and more for equality when they are really after superiority and preferential rights and treatments. They are demanding entitlements just because their skin is darker than others.

Affirmative Action was put in place to appease unhappy black Americans by forcing colleges and employers to admit and hire a certain percentage of blacks, regardless if they were qualified or not. The result led to the discrimination of white males, as colleges and employers strove to admit and hire blacks, Hispanics, females and other minorities.

Today, some are pushing the superiority of blacks further, all in the name of so-called equality.

According to a recent report by

“The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s student government thinks all black people should receive free tuition and housing, as well as exemption from all fees.”

“The Associated Students of Madison want to do away with racist college admissions based on ACT and SAT scores and instead look to enroll students based on where they live…”

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