In anticipation that the recall movement that had successfully ousted two other Colorado state senators over gun control issues this past summer was about to overwhelm a third, state senator Evie Hudak (shown) abruptly resigned on Wednesday, rather than face a recall election. By resigning, under Colorado law her successor must be appointed by the Democrat Party, thus preserving a one-vote margin in the state Senate. If she had been ousted, she likely would have been replaced with a Republican.

The recall movement claimed it had 18,900 valid signatures which it was going to submit to the Colorado state secretary on Monday, and it was becoming more and more obvious that Hudak was destined to meet the same fate as former state senators John Morse and Angela Giron.

In her letter of resignation Hudak explained:

One year ago, on the day before Thanksgiving 2012, I was informed that all of the ballots had been counted and I had won reelection to the State Senate with 35,664 votes…

We … worked to pass sensible gun-safety legislation … I am proud of what has been accomplished over the last year…

In the interest of preserving the progress made over the last year, I am resigning as State Senator for District 19, effective immediately.

In her letter she noted that the Democrats had succeeded in passing, over increasingly noisy protestations, restrictions on magazine capacities for handguns, and a requirement that every purchaser of a weapon, even in a private transaction between two individual citizens, undergo a background check before the transaction can be completed.

What she didn’t mention in her letter was that her reelection in 2012 was won by the narrowest of margins — less than 600 votes — nor did she make any reference to the firestorm she created as a result of her insulting and demeaning response to one of those citizens testifying against those bills last March: Amanda Collins.

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