Gun grabbers have been on a rampage of late, doing their best to undermine the Second Amendment.

However, the nation’s Sheriffs have have mostly united to stand firm and respect citizens’ constitutionally guaranteed rights. Colorado has recently been the bully pulpit of President Obama, campaigning for more gun control. In response to new, intrusive and unconstitutional gun laws, the Colorado Sheriffs have issued several statements backing the Second Amendment, not the Feds.

The CO Sheriffs leave no doubt where they stand:

County Sheriffs of Colorado believe in the Second Amendment of the United States
Constitution that guarantees the right of the people to keep and bear arms and that this
right shall not be infringed.  As our state and country continue to discuss and debate gun
control legislation, the position of our founders remains clear.  CSOC will not waiver on our
defense of the Constitution and will stand to preserve every constituent’s right to possess a
firearm.  We believe the Second Amendment is no less important as the other nine
Amendments contained in the Bill of Rights.

Also, gun control does not equate to lower crime rates, which is really what we strive for.
Washington D.C. and Chicago, two cities known for their strict gun control laws, have some
of the highest rates of violent crime. In fact in Chicago’s 2012 homicide rate increased 16
percent over the prior year according to the New York Times.

And Colorado Sheriffs also weighed in on the “assault weapon ban”:

The County Sheriffs Of Colorado oppose a ban on so‐called “assault weapons” because of its
vague definition.  What many call “assault weapons” are actually semi‐automatic rifles that
operate the same as any other rifle in that they fire one bullet for every one time a trigger is
pulled. Semiautomatic rifles arenotmachine guns. They do not spray fire like a
machine gun.

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