Congress is seeking to boost the U.S. military presence in the Gulf region in order to deter Iran from taking hostile military action and ensure that U.S. allies are in a position to defend themselves should Tehran become hostile.

As Iran continues a massive military build-up in the region, Congress is seeking to position the U.S. military to respond to Tehran’s continued threats against America and its allies.

The military order to deter Iran was included in the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a sprawling yearly funding bill that allocates money to defense priorities.

The measure is just one of several Iran-focused amendments in the NDAA that seek to prevent a nuclear Iran and mandate that the Obama administration provide more transparency over its dealings with Tehran.

Lawmakers say it is critical for the United States to “maintain a robust forward presence and posture” in the Arabian Gulf region “in order to deter the Islamic Republic of Iran” from taking aggressive steps, according to the measure.

The measure also would order U.S. forces to increase security cooperation with Gulf countries and Israel to ensure these countries are prepared for a potential strike by the Iranians.

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