Some lawmakers would like to make it easier for the president to fire people.

The House plans to vote Wednesday on the Department of Veterans Affairs Management Accountability Act of 2014, which the House, which would make it easier for Cabinet secretaries to remove career staffers over poor work.

The legislation comes following reports that VA hospitals nationwide were badly mismanaged by senior government workers who created secret waiting lists to hide backlogs and left dozens of sick and injured vets to wait months for critically needed care.

The House bill would give Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki the authority to fire any of the approximately 450 senior-level employees, including the VA hospital managers who neglected the vets and falsified records.

Shinseki can currently fire any employee, but the process for federal workers is hindered by mountains of red tape that can drag out the process for months or even years, say Republican and Democratic sponsors of the legislation.

In fact, many of the senior-level executives who ran the mismanaged hospitals now under scrutiny for neglecting veterans actually received tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses and positive performance reviews, according to the House Veterans Affairs Committee.

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