A Tea Party Patriots leader is slamming President Obama for “co-opting” the language of free-market advocates while pushing his agenda of wealth redistribution in his State of the Union address and for brazenly vowing to act unilaterally on a variety of issues if Congress doesn’t back his agenda.

National grassroots coordinator Keli Carender is also firing shots at congressional Republicans for not resisting Obama more vigorously. She alleges the party’s response to Obama’s speech that was short on specifics.

Several times during his speech, Obama extolled the hard work and creativity of American business owners and entrepreneurs. At the same time, he proposed a lengthy list of roles he believes the federal government ought to play in improving our economy, such as demanding an increase in the minimum wage and restoring emergency unemployment benefits that expired in December. He also urged government involvement in energy, education and other sectors.

“He definitely co-opts the language of free markets and people who support free markets to sell his big government policies. I just find it ironic that he uses our language but means something completely different when he uses it,” said Carender, who saw a lot of divisive rhetoric coming from the president.

“The way that we see it is that he’s basically trying to divide the citizenry based on income when the real inequality that people need to be paying attention to are the people in D.C., the elected people, the bureaucrats, the government employees and the citizens of America.

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