Times change; we all know that. But the interesting thing about time is that it doesn’t always require change. Common wisdom says that as we move forward, we must adapt to cultural changes; as if we are out of control of our own momentum. We define culture; not the other way around.

When Mitt Romney lost the election in November, the GOP was brimming with ideas about what we could do to change the Republican Party. Some said it was the politicians themselves; they were too old, white, or out of touch. Some said, however, that it was Conservatism itself that was to blame. It has been approximately four months since that disappointing day in November, and a new wave of young Conservatives are taking the stage at CPAC to defend Conservative values.

At CPAC, Conservative darling Marco Rubio said this:

“Our challenge is to create an agenda applying our principles — our principles, they still work — applying our time-tested principles to the challenges of today…The people who are actually close-minded in American politics are the people that love to preach about the certainty of science in regards to our climate, but ignore the absolute fact that science has proven that life begins at conception.”

Jim DeMint—though not an up-and-comer, but still reliably Conservative—said this: “The conservative movement must get its act together and act now to save our nation…National Republican leaders have not advanced a conservative agenda for almost 20 years. Not since the first few years of the Republican revolution in the 1990s – when welfare reform and a balanced budget were passed – have Republicans in Congress seriously championed conservative ideas.”

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