Question: If conservatives are such losers, why do the Democrats wish to dispatch them so early? If the voters consider conservatives and the Tea Party a bunch of Bible thumping hayseed extremists, why don’t the Dems root for their success in the primaries?

Why doesn’t Democrat strategist Joe Trippi jump on the Matt Bevin bandwagon – try to defeat the great Mitch McConnell – thus enabling the Democrats to defeat the “fringe” Bevin in the general election?

After all, no one in their right mind would vote for a “Wacko Bird” (thank you John McCain) like Matt Bevin. But that’s not going to happen.

And why? Because the left will always tell you with whom they are afraid. The more afraid they are of an opponent the more they appear to discount that opponent. That’s their tell – to put it in poker terms.

Sarah Palin was/is a rube from Alaska. She lacked the “gravitas” of say… Uncle Joe Biden. That’s a good one, eh?

They know that real conservatives, with a true conservative message can and do win general elections. The Dems also know that they can deal with reasonable aisle crossers and back room dealers like McConnell and that conservatives like Cruz and Lee will more than likely, not play ball.

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