Colorado House Majority Leader Dickey Lee Hullinghorst has said that her constituents might as well just get rid of their guns because they don’t need them. Why? According to her, the Colorado state legislature is there to protect you.

“As a woman, I have the right not to carry a gun and to feel safe on the streets, and that’s what we provide for in the state legislature is for all of us in the state of Colorado — to feel safe on the streets without having to carry a gun,” said Mrs. Hullinghorst on “The Tim Caffrey Show.”

She then took a jab at gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment.

“The thought, that the only way we can protect ourselves is to wield our own weapon, is completely absurd, and an argument that I absolutely discount as frivolous,” Mrs. Hullinghorst said.

I discount Mrs. Hullinghorst’s comments as stupid. I would like for her to explain just how the state legislature makes the streets safe. Furthermore, where in either the US Constitution or the Colorado Constitution is this “right not to carry a gun and feel safe on the streets?” Perhaps in a socialist’s utopian dream that might exist, but it doesn’t exist in the real world. I looked in the both Constitutions and failed to see where that right exists, but perhaps Mrs. Hullinghorst could enlighten us as to the particular article it is found under. I doubt she can though since what she actually did was make that “right” up on the spot.

While there is no doubt that one can protect themselves in a variety of ways, both the US Constitution and the Colorado Constitution indicate that the state legislature does not possess the authority to remove the rights of its citizens to defend themselves with firearms.
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