A federal judge ordered the Obama Administration to release a government-wide directive on foreign aid that was signed by the president in 2010.

As many people are aware, President Obama often circumvents Congress and public scrutiny with an extensive use of executive orders and reliance on executive privilege to keep documents and policy directives secret.

One such document was the Presidential Policy Directive on Global Development, a report that was shared far beyond the president’s circle of advisers. The Department of Justice has maintained that the document is protected by executive privilege, even though the information in it is not classified and it was directed at agencies, not specific personnel.

On Tuesday, the “most transparent” Administration was told by District Court Judge Ellen Huvelle that the directive was not properly within the bounds of “presidential communications privilege.”

Ruling on a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the Center for Effective Government, Huvelle said there is “no evidence that the [directive] was intended to be, or has been treated as, a confidential presidential communication” and that “its substance was widely discussed by the president in the media.”

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