Texas Senator Ted Cruz , Gov. Greg Abbott, and a group of Texas legislators met with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen in Houston on Saturday.   Chinese officials sent a letter to the Houston congressional delegation asking them not to meet with with the visiting president.

Senator Cruz had a strong message, in response, for China:

The Washington Examiner reports – “The People’s Republic of China needs to understand that, in America, we make decisions about meeting with visitors for ourselves,” the Texas senator and former presidential candidate said in a statement following the meeting.

“This is not about the PRC. This is about the U.S. relationship with Taiwan, an ally we are legally bound to defend,” Cruz said. “The Chinese do not give us veto power over those with whom they meet.”

The U.S. adopted a “One China” policy to help facilitate diplomacy with Beijing, and now Chinese officials warn that the U.S. is on a path to abandoning it.

Cruz said the Chinese letter to the Houston congressional delegation asked lawmakers not to meet with Tsai and to uphold the “One China” policy. But the senator dismissed the message, saying, “We will continue to meet with anyone, including the Taiwanese, as we see fit.”

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This is quite a change from the kowtowing of the Obama administration.  Other world powers and institutions have become accustomed to telling the United States what we should be doing.  It is time to correct that perception.