Homosexual activist and syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage took to Twitter Saturday night to share with the world that he’d like to sodomize a male marine who lost five of his “brothers” to the Taliban. The marine was featured in a photograph decrying the fact that Obama released the “Gitmo Five” Taliban terrorists in exchange for accused Army deserter and traitor Bowe Bergdahl.

Conservative Michael A. Nöthem (@mikeandynothem) tweeted a photograph of the Marine with the following comment: “Apparently, this Marine does not agree with Obama Administration’s Taliban release!”

A sign held by the Marine stated: “MY MARINE BROTHERS 5 KILLERS WERE TRADED FOR 1 DESERTER!”

Savage, known for licking former presidential candidate Gary Bauer’s campaign office doorknob in an effort to “give him the flu,” responded to the tweet with a crude and perverted comment in reference to the Marine pictured.

“I’d do him,” wrote Savage.


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