Plans are coming together for a “Day of Resistance” across the nation.  February 23,2013 the American people will stand together in support of their 2nd Amendment right, the right that protects ALL of their other rights.

To make this work, we need you to become our biggest recruitment arm, but before we send you out there in force we need to instruct you about the key talking points with people.

1. Local, Local, Local. This is about physically getting together with the people who will have our back when we resist government intrusion on our liberty.

2. Stay positive. Resistance is needed because of terrible things happening with a power-grabbing federal government, but simply stating all that is wrong isn’t our best recruitment messaging. We need to focus on the MISSION: banding together as communities and coming together is AWESOME

3. Engage. Have a conversation with people, if they ask you a question you don’t know the answer to, bring it to one of our many pages/forums and together we can find an answer.

4. This is the people PEACEFULLY assembling as guaranteed to us by the Constitution.  Violence or incitement to violence will not be tolerated.

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Current List: Day of Resistance Rallies