As if Washington, D.C. isn’t tyrannical enough and don’t have serious problems to deal with, it looks as though bureaucrats in the nation’s capital have decided that instead of dealing with real issues with real solutions, they’ll continue to go after freedom. DC’s Health Department has decided that they will begin to pursue a mandatory 24 hour waiting period for any individual who is looking to get a tattoo in the District.

The proposed rule, which you can see below, deals with tattoos, tattoo removal services and anything labeled as “body art,” including piercings and jewelry. These provisions are referred to as the Body Art Establishment Regulations.

Of course, like everything else, these measures are put out with the intent of “safety.”

One of the almost comical statements is that Department Officials believe that the new rules would prevent “serious health risks.” One would have to ask just how serious the health risks are now to assess just how effective such rules would be, but we don’t have to do that because this isn’t the real reason behind the new rules.

According to Department of Health spokeswoman Najma Roberts, it’s really about keeping stupid people from making stupid mistakes. She said she believes that the new measures would prevent people who were intoxicated from making the decision to get a tattoo while in an inebriated frame of mind.

She said, “They can’t be responsible for themselves, as well as the person doing the work on them. We’re making sure when that decision is made that you’re in the right frame of mind, and you don’t wake up in the morning . . . saying, ‘Oh my God, what happened?'”
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