You knew it was going to happen. It had to happen. Miriam Carey, the Connecticut woman who drove her SUV into barricades at the Capitol Building and was shot and killed by police, is being used as a political tool by some Democrats. Here extremist actions are the fault of Republicans and the shutdown of the government that she did what she did.

Here’s what tax-cheat Charlie Rangel (D-NY) said:

“Listen, people are so frustrated and angry with members of Congress, particularly Republicans,” Mr. Rangel told Politicker today. “My first thought was that frustration ignited somebody already imbalanced and caused this type of thing.”

It’s always your first thought to blame Republicans, Mr. Rangel. The facts be damned.

How was this woman from Connecticut affected by the shutdown? She had a good job as a dental hygienist and was driving an early model Nissan Infiniti. This is an expensive car. It’s often described as a “luxury car.” While I can’t be sure, I bet she had employer-paid health and dental insurance.