It seemed unreal. They were in complete denial. This is the USA. This can’t be happening thought the young couple as they huddled on the couch together in their Bronx apartment. Hurricane Sandy was on the way. In the wee hours of the morning they heard yelling outside. They looked in horror to see wave after wave of water flooding the streets below. They had no idea if they would survive the night. They didn’t think it could get any worse. Then, the power went out. Sandy was making her claim on the city.

As dawn broke on Day-1 the couple realized the utter devastation of their neighborhood. There was no power. No buses or subways were working. The streets were flooded. Many cars were flooded or floated away. Their own parking basement was flooded along with all the cars. They had heard on the radio that FEMA resources were staging supplies for the survivors at a local elementary school. They walked 12 blocks to get there . They waited 6 hours. FEMA never came. They made their way back to the apartment. They had little food. The electric stove was useless. They spent the night dining on soda crackers, Mayo and soda.

On Day 2 the locals were talking excitedly about a FEMA convoy bringing supplies. They had no idea that Mayor Bloomberg had turned it back because it was escorted by Army National Guard. Those troops were armed. Bloomberg wanted only armed police on the streets. The police were already overwhelmed. The supplies went to a warehouse. FEMA didn’t come.

The events of this crisis did not sit well with this Author. This is not the America of our Forefathers. Many Citizens continue to feel that the government OWES them everything. The self- reliance and ‘Pioneer Spirit’ that we once had seemed to be gone. Urban Americans had gone feral. Like wild dogs, they begin to prey upon each other almost immediately. People had no preparations. They had no water. They were forced into scavenging from dumpsters for survival food. FEMA never came.

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