Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) has introduced a bill (H.R. 6662) that would require the Treasury Department to tax cars for each mile they drive.

The Democrat Blumenauer, not surprisingly, called this an “innovative solution” to boost up reduced highway funds. He looks at it as an investment in our roads, when in fact, a “mile tax” would be just the opposite: it would crush middle class and commercial industry and hit consumers hard. It may well be an investment, but only in our destruction.

This isn’t the first time a suggestion like this has been raised, so we need to take this most recent proposal seriously. In March 2011 the Congressional Budget Office released a report saying a Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) program was a “practical option” for raising funds. The CBO helpfully suggested that devices could be put on cars that read mileage, and that information could be read electronically at gas stations.

And right after that, a draft transportation bill from the Department of Transportation proposed studying a VMT program, going so far to talk about the creation of a Surface Transportation Revenue Alternatives Office, which could be set up to study the issue.

Don’t you wish every time you “needed” money for something you could turn around and tax someone?

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