What’s with the Democrats and their “peace in our time” mantra? It’s more like “peace at any cost”.

Is the Obama administration really this stupid and/or naïve? Do they really think that talks with a country as radical as Iran will bear the fruit of peace? I’m serious! Is that really what they think?

Sometimes I think we on the right give these leftists a lot more credit than they deserve. We postulate that everything they do is somehow thought out and calculated down to the nth degree – that they plot and scheme and are somehow always a step or two ahead of everyone. That may be, on occasion, but certainly not here.

They must honestly think they can negotiate with Iran. As if Iran will do so in good faith. To me, this is just another demonstration of leftist peacenik wishful thinking.

I say “another demonstration”, for this has happened twice before with the same result and both times during dimwitted Democrat administrations.

Of all the countries with nuclear capabilities, 28 I believe, the two most potentially dangerous and certainly most unstable are North Korea and Pakistan.

And who allowed both to obtain and further their nuclear programs? Why, it was our last two Democrat presidents, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Is there a pattern forming?

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