Why does MoveOn.org have such a low opinion of Democrat voters? It appears they think Democrat voters lack patience, are lazy and stupid.

You might say; those are pretty strong accusations. What proof do you have to back up such incendiary claims?

Just this. I receive alerts from time to time from our friends at the reasonable, middle-of-the-road group, MoveOn.org.

A few days ago I received one asking me to stop by Democrat Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter’s New Hampshire reelection campaign headquarters in Manchester to support their fight. What fight?

Well, the alert stated that MoveOn recently, “Launched a Defend the Vote Campaign”. That sounds nice. Who wouldn’t want to defend the vote? Naturally, being a voter, I too would like to defend my right to vote. So what do they feel the need to defend exactly?
The alert continue: since the launch, “thousands of MoveOn members have signed petitions and made phone calls to our representatives to cosponsor and improve the “Voting Rights Amendment Act”.

Today, we are to stop by Shea Porter’s headquarters and ask that she cosponsor this amendment, for you see, mean Republicans and conservatives, in more and more states, are instituting new voter identification requirements.

Get out! Yes, as unthinkable as that is, some would require those who vote to actually prove who they are.

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