A key Democratic strategist is warning that his party is at “considerable risk” and “in decline” and will face problems once President Barack Obama leaves office.

Doug Sosnik, who served as political director for former President Bill Clinton’s administration, noted in a memo that since Obama was elected president, Democrats have lost nine governors’ seats, 56 House positions and two Senate seats, reports Politico.

In addition, the Democratic Party’s favorability rankings are in a sharp decline. Since Obama was elected, the rating has gone down by 15 points, with a Pew Research Survey in January showing 47 percent of Americans – down from 62 percent in January 2009 – view the party favorably.

Such numbers are leading Sosnik to expect 2014 to become the fourth change election year in the past eight years.

“This puts Senate Democrats in a vulnerable position, while threatening Republican’s control of the House as well as their sizable numerical advantage in the governorships across the country,” wrote Sosnik, who was Hillary Clinton’s adviser in the 2008 presidential race and who now does consulting work for private-sector clients.

Obama’s campaign style may also be hurting his own party, said Sosnik.

The president created Organizing for Action, a political group made from his campaign workers, to push his own agenda. But many in the party believe Obama’s group bypasses the Democratic National Committee and takes away from Democrats’ fundraising issues.