Democrats broke their generally unwavering support of Obama’s agenda to sign a resolution disapproving of the U.N.’s anti-Israel measure.  Whether they have a true allegiance to Israel, or they recognize a majority of their donors are Jewish; more Democrats than not joined Republicans in signing the measure calling for repeal of the U.N. resolution.

The Washington Times reports – With President Obama on his way out of office, the Democratic Party’s chilly relationship with Israel is showing signs of a thaw.

More than 100 House and Senate Democrats have broken with the White House by signing onto resolutions disapproving of the Obama administration for its refusal to veto a U.N. measure condemning Israeli settlements, including building in east Jerusalem.

The willingness by Democrats to defy Mr. Obama comes as what may be the party’s most visible show of support for Israel in eight years.

The House resolution passed Friday by a vote of 342-80, with 109 Democrats joining 233 Republicans in backing the measure calling for the repeal of the “one-sided and anti-Israel” U.N. resolution. Another 76 Democrats voted against it and four voted “present.”

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