By:  Marilyn Assenheim

By now, everyone in America is sadly aware that three bombings took place at and near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15th.  Despite clearly being terrorism, the Lyin’ King just about had to be water boarded before reluctantly acknowledging that what occurred was, perhaps… maybe…in-the-realm-of-possibility, “an act of terror.”

It becomes ever more obvious that out-of-control liberal bias will do or say whatever is necessary to spin damaging fallout away from them.  In the case of this latest Boston Massacre, several examples spring to mind. David Axelrod, the Lyin’ King’s former advisor and still one of his chief propagandists, was interviewed on MSNBC on Tuesday, a day after the attack. He specifically addressed the president’s reluctance to use the phrase “terrorist attack”: “I’m sure what was going through the president’s mind is — we really don’t know who did this — it was tax day…” It was tax day? Meaning what? That some disgruntled right-wing lunatic chose to blow up a race instead of a government building? Like Timothy McVeigh? Or Bill Ayers?

Axelrod went on: “The word (terrorist) has taken on a different meaning since 9/11…You use those words and it means something very specific in people’s mind…” Perhaps someone should inform Big Sis of that fact. She can’t seem to control her name-calling tendencies when she labels “the right” terrorists, in every public venue she can get to. Clearly, however, hypocrisy reigns with this terrorist-friendly regime. They will jump through any hoop to keep from being blamed.

Axelrod was not quite finished: “And I’m sure what was going through the president’s mind is — Was it someone who was pro–you know, you just don’t know. And so I think his attitude is, let’s not put any inference into this; let’s just make clear that we’re going to get the people responsible.” Pro what? Pro gun? The perpetrator used pressure cookers, filled with ball-bearings; this gives weight to the left’s frenzy to destroy pro-gun advocacy, how? Ball-bearing laden pressure cookers are a Taliban IED of choice. They have been employed in Pakistan and Afghanistan, for a start. Taliban denial of accountability may simply translate as “it ain’t over.” Yet Axelrod conveniently chooses to sweep under the MSNBC set’s rug that a “person of interest” is hospitalized and in the hands of the FBI.  A Saudi national who asked the FBI “How many people were killed?” Three, thus far, one of whom is an eight-year old boy. 176 people were injured and perhaps thirty people have lost limbs.

Former Congressman and blithering idiot, Barney Frank, weighed in on the matter as well. In an interview with CNN, it was pointed out that some 5,000 people were good Samaritans, many of whom were not state or federal employees.  Frank’s response? “I’m glad you raised that, because it gives me a chance to make a point I’ve felt strongly about…In this terrible situation, let’s be very grateful that we had a well-funded, functioning government. It is very fashionable in America, and has been for some time to criticize government, belittle public employees, talk about their pensions, talk about what people think … of [their] health care. Here we saw government in two ways perform very well. … I never was as a member of Congress one of the cheerleaders for less government, lower taxes. No tax cut would have helped us deal with this or will help us recover.” Tax cuts? Yes, he had the audacity to politicize the bombing, to reframe events into something they weren’t. Wouldn’t that illogic hold for what the government is attempting to do to the second amendment? Their machinations won’t change a thing.

Today, the Marathon’s connection to Patriots Day is being peddled by leftists as a reason for militia-inspired bombings at the Marathon. If a link isn’t cemented in the public’s mind, immediately, between the regime’s stance on issues like amnesty and ignoring all Wahhabist-friendly policies, count the Boston Marathon as the first of many attacks on American soil.