Next time you’re in a large crowd or eating a powdered cruller at Dunkin Donuts, try not to think about the fact that there are people coming over the border or arriving through customs from Asia with drug-resistant tuberculosis. Moreover, when you’re at the mall and you see a nervous-looking Middle Eastern-type guy pacing around with a backpack, shoo it away from your mind and don’t let anything stand between you and that hot Aunt Annie’s pretzel you’ve had a hankering for.

Furthermore, when you realize that the President can’t figure out that there’s a big difference between releasing 1,000 immigrants a week for three weeks versus releasing a “few hundred” in a couple of weeks, don’t let that stop you from demonstrating “The Harlem Shake” on Face Time.

The concern here isn’t “the high prevalence of infectious diseases and increasing movement of people across the borders.” No, what takes precedence over the infiltration of foreign contagions is our government making sure the produce guy handling the tomatoes in the supermarket is free to pass along a  deadly super bug without fear of reprisal or deportation.

Americans must keep in mind that drug-resistant TB, al Qaeda insurgents, and a President who cares more about the protecting the sensibilities of ne’er-do-wells than the safety of increasingly vulnerable law-abiding Americans are all mere incidentals in the overall scheme to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.

Let’s also remember that without 7-Eleven franchise owners, landscapers, bus boys, and nail salon girls, Americans would be deprived the opportunity to avail themselves of a crash course in cultural diversity.

So what if the Department of Homeland Security deems Americans more dangerous than thousands of illegal immigrants? If legal citizens were nice people, they’d realize that it’s no big deal that instead of extraditing thousands of illegal immigrants facing deportation, Janet ‘Big Sis’ Napolitano’s budget-saving measure was to release hordes of foreign criminals onto the streets of Georgia, Texas, California and Arizona.

The truth is, the illegal immigration issue is not so cut and dried, because although it was easy to walk 2,000 guns across the border, it would be impossible to walk 2,000 immigrants back across the border in the same direction from whence came “Fast and Furious” gun walkers.

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