Republican members of Congress are using hearings to hold the bureaucrats accountable for their actions in regard the sequester and things they are doing that they are blaming on it. While Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) exposed the Obama administration’s duplicity on alleged cuts to pediatric vaccinations a few weeks ago, Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) grilled a Department of Homeland Security Under Secretary as to why his department released ten “level 1″ aggravated felons from federal custody, claiming it was due to sequester cuts.

During the exchange between the South Carolina congressman and DHS Under Secretary Rafael Borras, Gowdy asked, “There was nothing else [you] could do as a cost savings measure. Is that your testimony?”

Borras andswered, “No, that is not my testimony.”

Gowdy, knowing the DHS had more than a year and a half to prepare for sequestration, asked him anyway how long his department had to prepare. The release of felons into the community when it would have only cost them about $1,200 to keep them locked up is irresponsible and reckless, but then nothing has been on the “up and up” with this administration since it began.