Two days ago, at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington, D.C., the Democrat messiah, Barack Obama, broke political bread with twelve carefully selected Republican apostles. Progressive scribes in the Obama biased media are busy framing this historic supper invitation as a good faith attempt to resurrect the spirit of bipartisanship the Republicans have abandoned since Obama’s 2012 victory. Personally, I believe Obama was shopping for his Judas.

Since the his first election, President Obama has been running around the country vilifying Republican obstructionism, polarizing the American people and blaming prior Republican administration policies for his failing liberal agenda. Last night, while 12 Republican Senators participated in Obama’s dinner summit, White House operatives continued their campaign to manipulate public opinion, destroy the conservative ideology, and generally, characterize any opposing political views as bigoted and anti-American. Now Washington expects Americans to believe that Obama wants to negotiate a grand bi-partisan bargain, a new compromise encompassing deficit/debt reduction, and entitlement and tax reform designed to lower spending and heal the nation. So why were Rand Paul, Ted Cruz or even Marco Rubio not invited?

Obama wants nothing more than his Immigration reform, his increased tax revenue, and higher budgets to service his constituency.

Obama is negotiating a grand bargain all right, but it has nothing to do with the fiscal health of our Republic. It has everything to do with bait and switch and he needs a Republican charlatan to sell it. The kind of Senator who understands the practicality of today’s political backroom deals and the forgiving nature of homegrown constituents when the spending cuts find their way to less understanding politicians red states.

Why else would he have reached out to the likes of Lindsay Graham of S. Carolina, John McCain of Arizona, and Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, representatives of three Defense Department dependent states economies?

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