heat wave in the city and hand showing thermometer for high temp
For thousands of years, aggressive war has been used as a means of consolidation of power and money. But apparently, that’s all a myth.
A study released by some group of scientists at the University of California, Berkeley shows that international conflicts and violence in general have nothing to do with power-hungry nations, money-driven individuals or even just a plain old desire to do evil. It has to do with global warming.  The BBC reported:
“US scientists found that even small changes in temperature or rainfall correlated with a rise in assaults, rapes and murders, as well as group conflicts and war. The team says with the current projected levels of climate change, the world is likely to become a more violent place… The researchers looked at 60 studies from around the world, with data spanning hundreds of years. They report a ‘substantial’ correlation between climate and conflict. Their examples include an increase in domestic violence in India during recent droughts, and a spike in assaults, rapes and murders during heatwaves in the US. The report also suggests rising temperatures correlated with larger conflicts, including ethnic clashes in Europe and civil wars in Africa.”
Their report also estimated that “a 2C (3.6F) rise in global temperature could see personal crimes increase by about 15%, and group conflicts rise by more than 50% in some regions.” Never mind the fact that the warming part of global warming just hasn’t happened like they wanted it to. That’s why they changed the label to “climate change,” to maintain what semblance of credibility they had left.
The researches kept mentioning “correlation,” but as we know, correlation does not imply causation. So, even if the world were warming like they wanted it to, simply pointing out a correlation between global weather patterns and violence does not mean that one causes the other. Saying that global warming causes violence makes about as much sense as saying violence causes global warming. (Actually, they do claim that as well.)