Periodically, some cities offer a gun buyback program in an attempt to get as many guns off the streets as possible.  Cities such as Detroit, Cincinnati, Boston, San Diego and Los Angeles have tried this program.  This past week, Los Angeles offered a $200 grocery gift card for anyone turning in an automatic weapon and a $100 gift card for handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Generally, the police don’t ask any questions about the guns or where they came from and no arrests are made.  In LA this past week, they asked people to place the guns in the trunk of their cars, pull up to the buyback locations, open the trunk and allow the police to remove the gun.

The preliminary count in Los Angeles yielded around 1400 guns, 49 of which were assault weapons and 477 were handguns.  They generally hold their gun buybacks in May where they collected 1,673 guns earlier this year.

Officials in Los Angeles and other cities with buyback programs say the programs are a success and help to keep the streets safer, but are those claims true?