After strolling into CPAC with his eight-man security entourage and posing for pictures with countless college students, a smiling Donald Trump sauntered up to the main ballroom podium and delivered a rambling yet impassioned speech that covered virtually every political issue under the sun.

“No teleprompter,” he roared, just before beginning his remarks in an obvious jab at the president. “No teleprompter.”

Then he got down to business.

“I have to tell you,” he said, “that our country is in serious, serious trouble. We owe 17 trillion dollars!”

“We have debt that’s beyond belief,” he continued. “We have deficits that nobody can comprehend. China, which I’ve been talking about for the last five years, just de-valued their currency.”

“[And] the reason they did it is because our leadership is so weak, and so pathetic, they can get away with it,” he said. “Believe me, they’re taking our jobs.”

Unsurprisingly, too, he used his plum speaking slot to compare President Obama to one of conservatives’ least favorite American presidents: Jimmy Carter.

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